Faraday law Matlab

Faraday’s law in Matlab

A Faraday Law Matlab script – find and plot the electric and magnetic field components of a propagating electromagnetic wave.

What is common between the strings of a guitar and a laser beam?

The answer is that be it a mechanical system like the guitar strings, a trumpet, a horn, the laser beam, the light from the sun, the current through a wire, all behave as a wave. This wave manifests the transport of energy via the collective phenomenon of the particles that make up this system.

Waves are divided into two broad categories:

  1. Mechanical waves- require a medium to propagate.
  2. Electromagnetic waves- do not require a medium to propagate.

The 4 famous Maxwell equations describe the propagation of electric and magnetic fields in vacuum:

faraday law matlab

Faraday Law Matlab Solutions

I’ve used Matlab to find and plot solutions to Maxwell’s third equation, also known as Faraday’s law:

Faraday law Matlab

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Download my Matlab code.

Download my notes on the background physics.

If you do not have access to Matlab, you can use Octave to run the program.