Recommended Reading

Some recommened texts on spintronics, magnetism and other related areas including fabrication and academic careers.


Spintronics” by Tomasz Dietl et al, 2008

Semiconductor Spintronics” by Jianbia Xia et al, 2012

Semiconductor Spintronics (Chinese language version)” by Jianbia Xia et al, 2006

Concepts in Spin Electronics” by Sadanichi Maekawa, 2006

Low Dimensional Semiconductors” by John Davies, 1997


Magnetism and Magnetic Materials” by J.M.D. Coey, 2010

Magnetic Domains” by Hubert and Schaefer


Modern GaAs Processing Methods“, by Ralph Williams, 1990


A PhD is not enough!“, Peter J. Feibelman

The Good Mentorship Guide, Physics World

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