maxwell's equations

Maxwell’s Equations – Let There Be Light!

Maxwell’s Equations

Maxwell’s equations, just like spintronics itself, involve understanding and combining electricity and magnetism. Unsurprisingly then, Maxwell’s equations come up in spintronics research time and time again. This could be directly such as in research on magnetic monopoles or spin transport, or as a tool for research, such as the reliance on electromagnets on Ampere’s law, one of Maxwell’s equations.

Maxwell’s original work was published in the 1860s and is a bit of a slog by today’s standards, but if you’re really keen you can check out the original publications here and here.

For much more easily digested description of Maxwell’s equations, check out this Irregular Webcomic. It explains the history, the physics and the significance of Maxwell’s equations.

You know something’s really important when it gets a mention in XKCD, and people start making funny T-shirts with it printed on:

Maxwell's Equations

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