diamond spintronics

Diamond Spintronics Falls Short of Perfection

In amongst all the ‘how to boost your productivity’ and ‘How to be happy’ talks there’s a few ted talks people without motivational pictures of kittens might actually want to watch like this little gem from 2011 on diamond spintronics.

The talk is focused on diamond spintronics and the potential well produced by nitrogen impurities in diamond (hence the title). It suffers a bit from ted talks usual problem at the end when he jumps from ‘this is a new way of storing information’ to ‘I will solve all the world’s problems with nano-bots’ but it’s a nice intro to the basic idea of spintronic memory you can show to your disapproving parents in order to argue that ‘no really, what I do is useful to people and will totally get me a job at some point’.

You can find out more about the research discussed in this talk here.